The world is moving towards a more dynamic start up culture. And with it the need for better communication and collaboration has increased.

In this era of disruption, it is imperative that people have the right tools to collaborate effectively. Vu Telepresence® is a full-featured, hardware HD video conferencing solution designed to help businesses and organizations increase productivity while retaining security at all times, anywhere in the world.

By using Vu Telepresence®, companies can reduce interaction costs, reduce administrative costs and improve the customer experience.

In telepresence, the video conferencing panel is replaced by a server-based HD video conferencing panel. In other words, you can use it as a smart TV that can be used with your PC or laptop.

Vu Telepresence has been developed to replace the traditional TV. While the TV uses analog signals to transmit images on screen, Vu Telepresence uses Smart Display technology to transmit images from a server based on HDMI or DVI connections. This allows for a variety of applications like remote cabinetry and simulation exercises.

The Vu telepresence is a video conferencing solution that expands the ideas of videoconferencing and gives them a brand new life. It can work as a conference room, meeting space, conference room, virtual office or even a training facility for E-Learning.

More and more companies are turning to video conferencing in their business. The need for these systems is increasing day by day. Yet, the demand for the high-end hardware remains relatively low. So far most systems have been aimed at large scale meetings like conferences, trade shows and so on.

The highly customized system is usually found with several operating systems, a laser projector, microphones, speakers and so on.

This Vu Telepresence® meets all of these requirements while allowing you to use all of your existing products and applications with it. The downside is that you need to install a lot of software in the PC – especially if you want full control over your presentation – but this VoTec solution made it possible for almost anyone nowadays thanks to its fully integrated visual audio solution which allows us.

This solution consists of a small, ultra-lightweight video conferencing unit (VCU), a PC, and the Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology between them. These are all preconfigured and configured to enable you to easily connect anywhere with anyone anywhere at any time on your own private network.

We all have heard that video conversation can be really helpful in business meetings. While we are used to just talking through in front of a screen, Vu Telepresence® HD video conferencing solution can bring the person and the discussion into real life.

In today’s world of communication, people are constantly communicating with one another. This is especially true in the remote workplaces.

A good solution to this problem is HD video conferencing solutions that offer bi-directional video, audio and telepresence capabilities (voice and eye tracking). An additional selling point would be the ease of use that these phones provide.

Most telepresence solutions do not come with a dedicated software. The only software application supplied would be Skype for Windows or Skype for Mac which can be quite inconvenient when you want to switch between your desktop computer and your workplace’s computer in order to make changes or use other programs such as Excel or PowerPoint.

A Vu Telepresence® system allows you to take advantage of the built-in telephone capabilities like call forwarding and connecting.