Video conferencing applications are increasingly popular in the workplace and, thanks to advances in technology, we can conduct video conferences with 20 people for free. In the old days, we would pay for it.

HD live video is a new trend in internet. It offers a lot of convenience for users. But for businesses, it is an important departure from the traditional conference room setup. With such an amazing device, it is now possible to present your company’s product at IT conferences or events with just one click.

You can take advantage of our free conference call service to conduct any kind of audio or video chat with up to 20 people at a time.

Our application allows you to hold 15 different types of calls simultaneously, which will be streamed from your iOS device via the internet. The interface is very simple and easy to use. The only thing that you need is your own portable media player (remember, we can’t provide any media players) and a simple microphone for those who are not happy with the iPhone’s built-in one.

Video conferencing is a lot more than just a meeting. This is a way of communicating not only face to face but also over the phone, video chat. With the help of videoconferencing solution, you can conduct real-time collaborative learning sessions using your laptop and still provide all kinds of benefits:

“Video conferencing is the future of communications, and we all know it. It’s just a reality we are far away from.”

“Virtual conferences are not only possible, but they can also be convenient and absolutely free with our application called Video Conference. The ability to conduct a real-time interactive conference without paying or having to wait for the call to start is an important feature that will benefit your business. You can conduct video conference calls with up to 20 participants at the same time, and you can join in via any computer or phone on your network. Video conferences like this are the future of communications.”

Digital agency is developing a communication tool for clients called “Skype for Business” in order to meet their needs. The tool is meant to help and support these clients in order to make sure that they have one place where all of their meetings can be held and shared.

Simple video conferencing applications. With this tool, you can call up 20 people but in HD. The quality is great and free of charge for ‘zoom only’.

Video conferencing is a great tool for professional communication. However, it is expensive and time-consuming to make it happen. Even if this sounds like a positive thing, the cost can be too much for some people.

Intelligent Video Conferencing (IVC) supports cloud-based videoconferencing and allows you to conduct face-to-face video conferences from any place in the world at an affordable price.

The purpose of this application is to allow you to conduct video conferences with 20 people for free.